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A plush, soft carpet enhances any home, anytime! And a clean, germ-free carpet instills confidence and a sense of free spirit and movement in the home or business place. That carpet is an additional piece of luxury for many persons that is cherished to give them comfort in their immediate surroundings.

As we continue to provide a vital service to our valued Milwaukee customers and residents, it’s our way of helping you protect your investment. Carpets are not cheap, and when a business or a homeowner makes that move to lay a carpet, that move comes with some responsibilities! I don’t think anyone has an Aladin’s magic carpet that will go places and clean itself!

It’s our responsibility to get your carpets clean

Carpets attract daily traffic in the home and on the job. Among the adults, our children, pets, and visitors, traversing the carpet space, dumps multiple bacteria that are dangerous for family members and especially our children. Hence, as Milwaukee residences and business owners, we have a responsibility to ensure that our carpets are clean and fresh!

We are responsible for keeping our families safe from harm. A dirty carpet is likely to make people sick. An allergic reaction to dust mites is not far fetched! And many times, fecal matter and other undesirable grime and dirt find their way into the home and get embedded in your carpets. A pet-friendly family will also be playing with pets and rolling around on the carpet! So the carpet must be clean!

A dirty carpet in the workplace is such a tacky affair! It’s not good for business and is a big turn off for clients and employees alike. A carpet in a workspace generally enhances the environment and lifts the spirits of the workers. It raises the ambiance of the space, whether it’s an office or board room. That is a clean, fresh carpet, of course! So, do your part to make your environment safe by cleaning your carpets regularly.

Yes a clean carpet can reduce employee sick time

A dirty carpet can make you sick! Dust mites, bacteria, and a myriad of allergens become embedded in the carpet fiber over time. This affects the health of customers and workers alike. A professional carpet cleaning service using hot water extraction and specialized cleaning solutions removes these contaminants from your flooring.

There is also a final cost to work environment illnesses! The bottom line of the company decreases! Sick days cost businesses $225.8 billion in the US annually. It makes perfect cents to keep your carpets clean and fresh!

Clean carpets give more customer appeal

Entering a business place and encountering a blotchy carpet makes you want to leave and never return! Unsightly spots are best removed by commercial carpet cleaners, before those stains really have time to set in and become unpleasant and annoying! You want to keep your customers coming back and being ambassadors for your company. Nothing sells your business like “word of mouth,” and what are you selling? A clean carpet in a welcoming, appealing environment, or…something else?

Commercial carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet

Commercial carpets are a huge investment! If carpets in Milwaukee are not properly maintained, then your carpet will die before its time. Such a waste! If your carpet is a well-traversed public area carpet, then regular monthly cleaning is essential. Carpeted classrooms should be cleaned four to six times per year. The more you clean, the better, however.

Office carpets are cleaned four to six times per year. Board room and conference room carpets can be deep cleaned twice per year. Follow these schedules for commercially cleaned carpet, and you will have your carpet for years and save the company an unnecessary new carpet bill.

Commercially cleaned carpet and repairs

Hotels and Restaurants

From time to time, carpets need repairing. Not just home carpets, but commercial carpets. Places where thousands of people traverse every day, such as a popular conference hall or hotel, or a great restaurant. Undoubtedly, these venues have experienced maintenance managers and do a great job day today. Their skills in commercial carpet cleaning and repairs, however, often stop at light cleaning and vacuuming. That’s where we, the professionals, come in.

Offices and Commercial Buildings

Offices and commercial buildings experience a large amount of wear and tear on their carpets over time. The well-traversed areas like entrances, hallways, and lobbies bear the brunt of these damages, and instead of throwing out tons of carpet, an expert repair takes place.

Patchwork and any type of required repairs are often needed to make the damaged areas appear like new, without even noticing a difference! Those glued down carpets that start to wrinkle after some time will need straightening. Those torn areas that begin to lift after an ultra sharp-edge of a pulled object ripped through the carper–whatever the damage, we mend it seamlessly!

So, if you run a business with heavy foot traffic and your commercial carpet needs cleaning or repair, we are the ultimate cleaning and repair giants. Our expertise and professionalism consider your every need and fill them according to specification.

Take the action that will enable us to help you and your organization save money and at the same time offer a fresh and clean environment, with a super clean carpet to keep workers and clients safe and healthy.


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