5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips For Milwaukee Residents

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Professional Carpet Cleaning In Milwaukee

Your carpets are an investment that you should protect. Be sure to take the appropriate steps in caring for your carpets to increase the lifespan and help your carpets last longer. Residential carpets with low-traffic can safely schedule a routine carpet cleaning every year, for higher traffic areas, schedule your carpet cleaning every six months. And don’t forget to rely on the professionals at call Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning in Milwaukee for help with removing bad odors, spots, stains and much, much more in between your regular cleanings. 

When it comes to caring for your carpets – there is a right way and a wrong way. Did you know that proper carpet cleaning care can help your carpets last much longer, saving you a lot of money on purchasing new carpeting? High-traffic carpets are exposed to a lot of wear and carpet fibers can become easily damaged without the right kind of cleaning. The carpet experts at Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning have a few tips to help you care for your carpets throughout the year and before your next routine carpet cleaning. Don’t forget to schedule your routine carpet cleaning every six months with Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning.

Blot Stains

Rather than rubbing stains, it is usually much more effective to blot them out of the carpet. Of all the tips listed below, this is probably the most well-known. Rubbing stains can sometimes make the problem worse by spreading the stain on the carpet. Blotting, however, pulls the stain up out of the carpet without spreading it around. 

Use Heat To Remove Wax

Ever been frustrated by dried wax stuck in your carpet? You wouldn’t be the only one! Candle wax is best removed by using heat. You can do this by placing a clean cloth over the wax with a warm iron on top. This will soften the wax enough for you to use a blunt knife to easily scrape it off. 

Vacuum Regularly And Appropriately

It’s one thing to vacuum regularly. No one disputes that regular vacuuming is essential for effective carpet maintenance. However, vacuuming incorrectly can cause serious problems for your carpet. The main way that this happens is when vacuums are adjusted to a height that is too low. When this happens, the vacuum actually reaches too far into the carpet and causes it to deteriorate more quickly. To avoid this, make sure you set your vacuum to a height that easily picks up all the dirt from your carpet but not any lower. Furthermore, vacuuming too often can also cause problems for your carpet. Think of your carpet like your clothes. The more loads of laundry you do, the sooner the clothes will wear out. Similarly, excessive vacuuming will cause your carpets to wear out sooner. 

Scotchgard Your Carpets

Carpet protection such as Scotchgard is a great way to stop stains from becoming harder to remove or even permanent. If your carpets were an investment buy, think of scotch guarding as a type of insurance to protect your asset.

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