Steps To Help With Your Carpet Cleaning Routine

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If someone was to ask you what you thought the dirtiest place in your Brookfield home was, you may say things like your toilet seat, the bathroom floor, or maybe even the kitchen sink. But did you know that your carpet is actually the dirtiest place in your entire home? According to research, the average indoor carpet was found to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat!

Little critters like dust mites and other microorganisms thrive in carpets because of the abundance of debris that subsides there. These contaminants can work their way deep into fibers, creating a reservoir of allergens. While these statistics can be alarming, there are some things that you can do to help with your carpet cleaning routine. Carpet cleaning professionals like Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning, have a few ideas:

Vacuum Regularly

This may seem like a simple task, but it really is the little things that go a long way. Dust and other particles from everyday use can get trapped into the tightly woven strands of the carpet. While vacuuming alone will not permanently solve the problem, it will allow for your carpet to breathe a little bit better and look a little tidier.

Shoe Storage

One of the main culprits of bringing in outside microorganisms is shoes. Shoes gather all over all sorts of debris from outside: dirt, oil, and other elements that can stain and injure fabrics. By keeping your shoes near the front door, or in one location, you will help eliminate the tracking of dirt and other things into your home and will keep your floor looking fresh.

Groom Pets

Dogs and cats easily collect debris from plants and shrubs. They roll around in dirt and mud and gather particles on their feet that are tracked inside. While it may not be possible to bathe them all the time, keeping their fur short and cleaning them as often as possible will also help keep your carpets to stay fairly clean.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets cleaned by a professional team. While all of the tips above are great starters to keep your floors looking nice, the best way to get your carpet cleaned is to contact local cleaning professionals and schedule routine carpet cleaning and maintenance. Expert carpet cleaners care about your floors almost as much as you do. They also bring special equipment that will pull up dirt and other particles that your vacuum might not be able to get. Just like humans, carpets also need a good wash. Vacuuming alone will only do so much, but by using the special shampooing and cleaning technique that professionals bring to the table, your carpet will regain new life and feel almost as new as when you first bought it.

Professional Carpet Cleaning In Brookfield

The Brookfield carpet cleaning specialists at Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning work hard to establish great relationships with their clients and helping the community maintain clean and healthy homes. Contact our carpet cleaning experts and schedule your routine carpet cleaning today.

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