Types of Carpet and Their Effect on Cleaning

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Your entryway has had a lot of muddy shoes passing through recently; you had an unfortunate spill in your living-room and nothing is working; you can’t get into those pesky nooks and crannies of your stairs. You need to clean your carpet; trust us, we’ve all been there.

Regardless of the details surrounding your unique snafu, you have one nonetheless. How do you clean your carpet? Where do you turn when none of your tried-and-true carpet-cleaning methods are working? Wasn’t your carpet once an entirely different color than it is now?

Turn to the experts, of course! We know all there is to know about the four carpet-fiber types and how to clean your carpets when you’ve run out of ideas. 


Carpet Fibers

The Four Types of Carpets and How They Affect Cleaning

We know what you might be thinking: “What? My carpet fibers might be the culprit?”

Simply put, yes. 

In fact, there are four different types of carpet fibers that we need to talk about today, each one with their own individual needs and standard of care. 

Think of them as having their own personalities. Your carpet’s fibers act as the traits that determine how well they perform; they are the characteristics that dictate how they look. 

1. Nylon Carpet Cleaning

Nylon carpets are made of fibers that act similarly to wool, which we will get into more below. 

Unlike wool, however, they are far less expensive. If you have any of the following carpet styles, you may be dealing with nylon: 

  • Frieze
  • Textured
  • Loop cut loop
  • Shag

How to clean nylon carpet depends on one thing: time. 

How often do you see foot traffic passing through, and how often do you vacuum? If you have a spill, did you clean it up right away or let it sit? When was the last time it was professionally cleaned? 

As a rule, you should have a professional team take care of your nylon-carpet cleaning at least once every two years. 

2. Cleaning Polypropylene Carpets

If you once knew your carpet as an “olefin” carpet, you are working with polypropylene. The name may have changed, but its standard of carpet care did not. 

These fibers are stain- and water-resistant because of their solution-dyed synthetic material. 

You often see these types both outdoors and indoors. 

If you have a carpet that has seen countless years of sun without fading, you may have a polypropylene carpet. 

Though great for long-term function, it does not bounce back as much as nylon. This is why it works the best as a low-pile carpet. 

Good carpet care here is to thoroughly vacuum once a week. If you need a pet-friendly carpet-care solution, vacuum twice weekly. And though stain-resistant, oil-based spills might give you some more trouble. Blot fresh stains (from the outside in) out with a clean, damp paper towel or rag. You can add some diluted, mild dish soap for extra help before you vacuum. 

3. Polyester Carpet Cleaning

Many covet polyester fibers for lavish, thick-pile carpets. Color saturates well with polyester, but it has a tough time as a resilient material. If you keep up with maintenance, these soil-resistant carpets may very well last for years to come. 

But we know that maintaining your carpet sometimes falls to the back of your mind when you have so many other things to keep up with. 

Weekly vacuuming is key with polyester. For high-traffic areas, spot-vacuum over them every two to three days. If you have a stain to tackle, ensure your carpet cleaner is compatible with synthetic fibers. 

Here’s another pro tip: polyester is prone to matting. So you need to make sure you move your furniture around every so often to avoid irreversible damage to your carpet. 

Also, call in a professional carpet-cleaning service once per year. They know how to clean a polyester carpet stain and maintain it for you long-term. 

4. Cleaning Wool Carpets

Wool carpet fibers are timeless. They have a woven, organic look to them. 

But the trick to keeping their classic appearance alive? Stain-treat it as soon as you spill something. You also need a top-tier vacuum. Pass over mildly dirty areas three times with your vacuum, and very soiled areas five to seven times. 

Easy-to-Read Carpet Cleaning Guide

That was a lot of information to take in. If you are a busybody with much else to spend your valuable time on, this section is for you. 

We compiled an easy-to-digest list of how to vacuum different carpet types.

Without further ado… 

  • Low-pile carpet care (like nylon) – Use a canister/upright vacuum. Look for one with a combination beater-brush bar or a quality power-driven rotating brush. 
  • Thick/high-pile carpet care (like wool) – Look for a vacuum with a brush bar/beater roll that has an adjustable height. Ideally, you want a height that you can manually (rather than automatically) adjust. 
  • Loop-pile carpet care (like polypropylene) – You need a vacuum that lets you turn off the beater bar/power-brush roll. Some vacuums do not have this adjustable feature, which will lead to “pilling” or “fuzzing” with your carpet fibers. 
  • Extra-thick/luxurious soft-style carpet care (like polyester) – This is when you need to contact the specialists. More on that below. 

Number-One Carpet-Cleaning Tip When Nothing Else is Working

You probably already tried all the carpet cleaner money can buy. But maybe you tried these tips and tricks for carpet cleaning and still feel like your carpet has an extra level of grit or persistent stain. 

If that sounds like you, avoid stressing about the particulars; that is where we come in.

The best way to go about high-quality carpet care? Turn to the professionals. 

At Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning, we know how to clean practically anything carpet-related. Don’t dive too deep into top-of-the-line vacuum-cleaner prices; we already have all the state-of-the-art equipment you will need. 

We are the best professional carpet-cleaning company in Milwaukee for a reason. We have that extra eye for detail that can be easy to overlook without years of experience. Whether you need expert stain removal or superior carpet cleaning all-around, contact Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning today. You will thank us later, and your carpet will too.

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