MACC 10-Step Carpet Cleaning Process – Thorough and Effective

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

MACC 10-Step Extraction Process

At Milwaukee Area Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. In our efforts to offer the best carpet cleaning services possible, we take many steps other carpet cleaners skip. As an IICRC Certified firm we are fully qualified and equipped to handle even the most difficult cleaning challenges. Our 10-step carpet cleaning process is as thorough as any, and the results speak for themselves.

#1) InSpection

Our IICRC Certified technicians will closely inspect your carpet to identify fiber and soil details. There are many types of synthetic and natural carpet fibers, and each requires different chemicals and procedures. Trust your floors to carpet cleaners who are knowledgeable professionals.

#2) Furniture Moving

Cleaning just the “traffic areas” can improve the appearance of your home, but we aim to do better. One of our primary goals in carpet cleaning is to improve indoor air quality, and this is best accomplished when we clean a carpet in its entirety. We happily move all standard furniture, free of charge, in order to ensure a quality cleaning.

#3) Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the most important step in carpet maintenance. Regardless how recently you vacuumed, we take another pass with our professional vacuums and counter-rotary brush machines. You’ll be amazed at what we are able to dig out of your carpet.

#4) Soil Suspension

The “pre-sprays” used by carpet cleaners work to loosen soils from the carpet similarly to how hand soap helps get dirt off your hands. While most carpet cleaners use “all-purpose” pre-spray for a myriad of applications, we employ a variety of products specifically formulated to safely and effectively clean various types of carpet.

#5) Physical Agitation

Using the hand-washing analogy again, there is a reason we rub our hands together while washing them. The friction created by abrasive rubbing helps to work the cleaning agent in while physically breaking up foreign debris. We use powerful counter-rotary brush machines to agitate stubborn soils, and the results are astounding.

#6) Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is simply the best way to remove contaminants from carpet. Unlike “chemical” encapsulation methods, HWE purges a high percentage of foreign material and chemical agents used in the cleaning process. Chemical cleaning processes such as encapsulation cannot match the level of quality cleaning we ensure.

#7) Spot Treatment

Much of carpet cleaning comes down to chemistry. Different soils have different pH levels depending on their source. Wine, Kool-Aid, and lipstick may all appear red, but must be treated very differently. We use our advanced technical knowledge to diagnose and treat a wide variety of stains.

#8) Neutralizing Rinse

Most cleaning agents are on the alkaline side of the pH scale, and without balancing that pH carpets can be left crunchy and sticky. Our neutralizing rinse leaves your carpets feeling soft and smelling fresh.

#9) Grooming

Have you ever seen a carpet cleaner use a rake? If not, you’re far from alone. We hand-groom carpet to leave them in the finest condition possible. Grooming not only improves the appearance of your freshly-cleaned carpet, it also helps it dry much faster by pushing the pile into an upright position.

#10) Drying

Fast drying times are not only convenient, they also help prevent the growth of molds and mildews. Most post-cleaning issues are related to slow drying times, and our process reduces these risks.
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